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These links are offered for your own information and enjoyment, the opinions expressed are those of the authors, and no SKA endorsement is necessarily implied.

Recommended Books
There are many books about martial arts, but these are some of our favorites. Full of wisdom and inspiring, they make great presents for your friends and family... view»

Quotes to live by

Tournament Fighting

Comparison of two traditional, yet seemingly different, Japanese styles (Karate-do and Aikido)

Kata, Rhythm, and Kumite

Glossary of English and Japanese Terms often used in class

An Interview with Ohshima Sensei

Martial Arts and Religion

"Ideal" Teachers

Where To Buy Karate Uniform?

The first place to look is your SKA Shotokan newsletter - there is a nice selection of the official SKA karate uniforms. But if you are in a pinch, check out the recommended karate uniforms from below. We practice traditional karate and our gi color of choice is the traditional white. If you buy a uniform to practice at our dojo, please note that no other uniform colors are allowed.

Read an advice on where to buy and how to choose karate uniform »