Writing an essay on gun control

There have been controversies on the effects of guns in the world. One group proposed that guns are essential while the other sector opposes that. When given such a topic to write an essay, then consider the following steps to tackle it. 

Have a stand

Do thorough research on guns and their use. Having all these factors at hand will enable you to choose a stand on whether to support the motion or oppose it. You can dwell on the positive side or the negative side, depending on the points that you have. 

Using these points, you can decide to propose or oppose the motion on gun control. If your stand is against guns, then you can use the following points as your arguments. You can argue that people use guns to kill and injure many others within a short time. Those people who own guns are likely to kill a family member, a friend, a stranger, or a neighbor. It can be as a result of disagreements. Guns also have raised suicide incidents, especially on people who own them. 

If you decide to oppose rules to control guns, then you can urge that guns don’t kill or injure, but people do. Guns also aid in self-defense when attacked. Killing and injuring a stranger can be in the form of self-defense. Crimes rates with or without guns will still be on the rise. 

The debate on the cons and pros of gun control has existed for long. These heated debates have left the issue unsettled. These are some of the pros fronted on gun control:

  1. USA citizens own more than half the total number of guns in the entire world. Basing on its population, the USA has a less than 5% population in the world. It shows that those who own guns in the USA are more than 70%. This implies that the incidences of guns killing people can be high.
  2. The research ranked the USA below south Africa as the countries leading in deaths caused by guns. It shows that guns are reaping the lives of the citizens at a high rate.

Cons on issuing of gun control

  1. Guns aid in self-defense. They aid citizens to feel democracy since they can safeguard their lives. When you control guns, crime rates will still be high. The control of guns won’t control crime rates.
  2. Ownership of guns is a right amended in the constitution. The right shouldn’t be overthrown since it’s already accepted. 

How to write a gun control essay

It is a difficult situation when asked to write this type of essay if you aren’t well prepared. Follow these steps to tackle this issue.

  1. Start by defining terms that are in the subject of discussion. Define a gun, gun ownership, and control of guns. Definitions can be from any accepted media printed or virtual.
  2. Source for facts on the subject matter. Use researches conducted and any other information revolving around the control of guns. Case studies and incidences of gun usage are of importance now. 
  3. Depending on the side of the debate, you wish to lean on, cite vivid incidences to support your arguments. Arrange them well to make the essay flow.
  4. Have a strong conclusion to your essay on the control of guns. Summarize the important facts and present them. If its argumentative essay then gives your findings and suggestions on the topic at hand.

An essay on control of guns is wide and hectic. It will need you to invest in your time for you to be able to do it.