How To Come Up With Good Research Paper Topics On Terrorism

Writing academic papers can be challenging for most of the students. If you are to create a winning research paper on terrorism, then you should focus on identifying a niche and highlighting a unique topic. You may have any personal opinion about the subject, but this personal opinion needs to be backed with strong evidence if you are to write a research paper about it

To be able to choose a winning topic consider following a gradual process including

  • Brainstorming
  • Eliciting
  • Elimination
  • Editing and proofing

Research paper topics on terrorism to consider

  1. The impact of 9/11 attacks on the Asians and browns living in New York and rest of United States
  2. Does any religion promote or encourage terrorism
  3. Why is there a biasness against a specific nation or religion for terrorism
  4. How and who can control the global terrorism
  5. Is terrorism one of the conspiracy theories and self-generated
  6. What relates terrorist activities on a global level
  7. What is the aim of terrorists groups? Are they after money, or fame or power?
  8. How and when did the terrorism start
  9. Is our progress and advancement a threat to us because when we were less developed we had lesser terror and starvation threats
  10. Is terrorism an act of personal revenge
  11. Should we look to redefine our concept of terrorism
  12. Who controls major terrorists groups in the world
  13. Can there ever be a peace treaty with the terrorist groups in the world
  14. Who is responsible for the attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan
  15. Are the security agencies of the world failing to control terrorism
  16. Is it possible that security forces of the world know the real culprits behind terrorism
  17. Is terrorism relevant to politics
  18. How does terrorism effect the trade and tourism of a country
  19. How do terrorist attacks effect the economy of a country
  20. What is cyber terrorism
  21. Counter terrorism groups in the world
  22. The drawbacks of counter terrorism
  23. Target audience and impact of terrorism 2010
  24. De-mobilization of terrorist groups like Guerrilla
  25. How are terrorists treated in prison as compared to normal criminals in prison
  26. The funding of terrorists groups and the source where they get advanced technology
  27. Controlling and monitoring violence and extremism in schools and colleges
  28. Islamophobia and anti-Jewism compared to each other

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