How To Make A Good Conclusion Paragraph For A Research Paper

Most people undermine the importance of the conclusion. They think that it is just a summary of all that the paper entails, written in as little words as possible, after which they will have washed their hands off of the paper for good.


Imagine watching the most amazing movie in the world. You sit through the time when the actors are laughing, crying, fighting, and loving, feeling the same emotions they do. But, when you near the end, you find yourself getting pulled away until you leave the theatre unsatisfied. The most amazing movie in the world had the worst ending imaginable. Don’t let your paper be that. Here are some golden rules.

Here’s how to make a good conclusion paragraph for a research paper

  1. Understand that the conclusion is not just a summary: You want to reassert everything you said in your paper in the conclusion. Think about it: when people tell other people of your paper, they won’t list the hard facts. Their information will come from the information in the abstract and the conclusion. Therefore, make sure the information you give is correct.
  2. So, what exactly is the point of your paper? By the time they finish reading, your readers will be asking the same question. Make sure to answer it. Assert the main point of your paper in succinct words, and tell them that the paper they read proves it. List all the main arguments you made, and some crucial data that defined it.
  3. Do not introduce any new argument in the conclusion: Ask yourself: what is the point? All information and arguments that you could use to support your thesis you have. It does not make sense to give your readers more information and thus produce dissonance in their minds.
  4. Don’t make it too long: However, at the end of the day, a conclusion is a summation of all your points in the paper. It is not a whole section that requires another hour to read through. Therefore, do not make it too long.

Now, how you word your goodbye to your readers is entirely up to you, but keep in mind to follow these basic rules when concerning the format and make. Nobody gets it perfects the first time: as you write, you will understand better. So, keep at it, and you will eventually have a perfect conclusion to your research paper. Visit MyEssayGeek to learn more.