Guidelines to Writing an Effective Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay piece creates an avid image of a place, person, or thing. Students have to learn and develop academically by writing these descriptive essays. It also helps them to write and reveal a subject’s meaning through comprehensive sensory observation. In other words, such an essay uses the five senses and the power that language bequeaths in bringing a subject alive.

When an audience or a reader feels like having met an individual, visited a place, and held an object through your write-up, then you can rest assured that your essay met your expectations. A descriptive piece needs to connect the audience with the subject in such a way that they can fully appreciate its significance.

Steps Involved in Writing a Descriptive Article

  • Prewriting the essay piece

A student needs to take time and think about what or who they desire to describe and the reasons why. You can decide to write on the significance of an individual or a place to your life and after all, the subject should not necessarily prove unusual or famous.

Immediately you decide on a subject, you need to spend time and think about some of the qualities you should describe. You need to brainstorm every detail that associates with the subject. It’s possible to deliberate on the environs when you don’t write concerning a place. Ask questions on the location of the object, where the individual lives, the memories, ideas, feelings, and physical attributes. 

  • Draft the essay piece

Create the first draft by following the essay outline. However, it’s important to remember that the aim focuses on giving the audience a perfect experience. Show the audience instead of telling by invoking all the five senses (sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing).

  • Revise the descriptive essay

A student needs to modify, review, and reorganize whatever work they’ve done during the phase of revision. In revising, the learner should reread the descriptive essay piece with specific considerations. The considerations involve things like whether the essay develops in a manner that comprehensively appreciates the topic. Do specific paragraphs cause more confusion than they do describe? Further, the choice of words and figurative language should incorporate the five senses in conveying meaning and emotion. Do sufficient details exist to paint to the reader a clear picture?

You should always remember to give priority to the reader when writing the essay piece from beginning to its conclusion. It’s crucial to keep the details precise and not get excited when writing your piece of work at

Always try to move from a generalized perspective to the more specific details of a subject. As such, you can comfortably build a clear image in the mind of the audience.

  • Edit the descriptive essay piece

You should endeavor to correct errors and proofread your essay at this juncture. Get rid of errors in mechanics and grammar. It’s vital to also enhance the clarity of the piece besides improving the style. You can always get a fresh set of eyes from a friend or family member to ensure your essay piece ticks all the boxes. 

  • Publish

Sharing your descriptive essay piece with the entire class can prove daunting and exciting at the same time. Share and learn from the criticism you will get as no single writer exist who doesn’t prove sensitive to their work.


Writing an effective descriptive essay can prove easy and fulfilling when you follow the above-mentioned guidelines.

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